How to setup email on Android

Setup your email account on a Android device.

You may want to setup your email account on your phone or other mobile device.

  1. Tap the email icon on your mobile device.
  2. If you see options for ‘Exchange’ or ‘Others’ please select ‘Others’.
  3. Enter your email address and password created on your control panel.
  4. Tap the option for ‘Manual Setup’.
  5. Select ‘IMAP’.
  6. Type ‘’ (Replace ‘’ with your actual domain).
  7. Your ‘Port Number’ is ‘143’.
  8. Set the ‘Security Type’ to ‘none’.
  9. Leave the ‘IMAP Path Prefix’ blank. Click ‘next’.
  10. Type ‘’  as your SMTP server (Replace ‘’ with your actual domain).
  11. Set the port to ‘25’.
  12. Make sure select ‘Require Sign-in’ or ‘Authentication’
  13. Use your email address and password. Click ‘next’.
  14. Set your frequency preferences.
  15. You’re done.

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